Rules and Regulations

The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of scholastic achievement, leadership ability and need. The scholarship award may be granted to any qualified applicant with special emphasis on those whose work is of a legal nature.

The candidate must:

Be a high senor senior or enrolled in a school of advanced education (including current school year);

Have a "B" or above grade point average and be in the top 25% of his or her class, and be in need of financial assistance.

Candidates, including previous winners of the scholarship nominated in prior years, are eligible for re-nomination.

The name on the applicant shall appear ONLY on the application. Any application bearing applicant's name on any of the attachments thereto will be DISQUALIFIED. (Hint: The word "applicant" can be used in place of the individual's name on all attachment pages.)

The application and all attachments must be mailed in quadruplicate to the KCLSA scholarship chairman and must be postmarked no later than FEBRUARY 1, 2017. Any application postmarked after that date will be DISQUALIFIED.

In the event the winner and/or the first runner up and/or the second runner up does not or cannot accept the scholarship award, the scholarship shall be awarded to the next highest candidate in order. The award, or any balance thereof, shall be returned to KCLSA if the winner, and/or the first runner up and/or the second runner up accepts the scholarship and thereafter does not attend school, or does not maintain reasonable attendance and grades.

The scholarship monetary award shall be paid directly to the schools of choice for the winner, first runner up, and second runner up, for enrollment in the ensuing term of school.


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